Riftstorm is a multiplayer co-op top-down action looter shooter set in a world where you control the elite secret agents of the Mythic Protocol. Hunt down supernatural creatures, combat threats from beyond the cosmos, and explore strange new worlds beyond our own.

Key Features

Key Features

Intense Roguelite Combat

Shoot, dodge, and customize each run to your agent’s strengths, your enemy’s weaknesses, and you preferred play-style. Every mythic encounter, investigation, and incursion through the rifts will be different, and every fight will create new and exciting opportunities to build, experiment, and adapt.

Co-op Multiplayer PvE

Even the best secret agents need a helping hand – or two. Team up with up to two friends or strangers to face the unrelenting onslaught of the cosmos in thrilling cooperative play. Work together and survive increasingly challenging encounters to earn the best loot.

Instant Action, Long-term Mastery

Threading the line between intensity, difficulty, and mastery, Riftstorm allows you to jump in and out of the action at your own pace as you build on your skills and reflexes to master the game.

The Unknown Awaits

Explore a world of legends, myths, and nightmares as you peer into the unknown, gun in hand. In the world of the Mythic Protocol, the creatures and things of myth, legend, and nightmare are called Mythics; and the men and women who face them on a daily basis: Agents.