Dev Blog #1 | Hello World! – Unveiling Riftstorm

Hello World! - Unveiling Riftstorm

Hey Everyone!

We’re so excited to finally welcome all of you to the very first official Developer Blog for Riftstorm. I’m Keeks, and I’m the Community Manager. It’s pretty wild because working in game development has always been a dream of mine and honestly, it’s a mix of nervousness and excitement.

My gig is to keep you, the readers, in the loop with game development updates, sneak peeks behind the scenes, insights into our decision-making process, and maybe some other fun stuff 😀

To kick things off, we want to invite you to the world of Riftstorm, which happens to be our first attempt at bringing Collaborative Entertainment to life.

Riftstorm is a co-op top-down hero shooter action RPG.

We wanted to use Riftstorm to invite you to our “not-so-normal world”. The best way to do it is to embody the heroes that defend it. In Riftstorm, our heroes are the Operatives that safeguard the world from mythic threats and otherworldly entities.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual, Riftstorm offers intense Roguelite combat.

I love a good action rogue-lite, and I’ve always believed that this genre deserves to be experienced by many. With Riftstorm, we empower you to customize each run according to your hero’s strengths, your enemy’s weaknesses, and your preferred play style. Your encounter will be different, and every fight will create new and exciting opportunities to experiment and adapt. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer (like me) or a casual, we want Riftstorm to be an enjoyable intense combat experience for you.

Fight against never-ending waves of mythic………. or die trying.

Die alone or together; Riftstorm gives you an opportunity to bond through chaos.

Who doesn’t remember chaotic gaming moments with your pals? We want to create more of that with Riftstorm so we’re dedicated to building a great co-op experience where you and your friends can dive into short yet fun gaming sessions. Additionally, we’re creating dungeons designed for cooperative play, operatives that have synergistic skills, offering more challenges and ample space for experimenting with your heroes.

To carry or to be carried, that’s the question…

Instant Action, Longterm Mastery

We want Riftstorm to be accessible to a wide range of gamers. We strive to strike a balance between intensity, difficulty, and mastery to offer an easy onboarding process, followed by a challenging and fulfilling journey toward mastery. You can play at your own pace, but reaching the top of the ladder requires dedication (some of our closed testers have really taken a liking to breaking our expectations -.-)

Becoming a true champion will take you more than just a run.

“The Unknown Awaits”.

It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? What, or who, is the unknown? Is it more than just monsters? These are the questions we want you to ponder as you explore the lore and world of Riftstorm. But never fear! Your heroes (and me) will empower you to conquer it all. Encountering these nightmarish creatures, known as mythics, will simply be another ordinary day for you.

Limited Playtest Coming Soon!

While I’m writing this on my desk, counting the calendar on our first limited playtest, I feel so excited (and scared) to finally bring Riftstorm for you to try. We’ve been doing some closed playtests here and there, have our own favorite operatives and we have lots of homework to do. You can say we’ve been grinding IRL for you to be able to grind at Rifstorm. It will come closer than you think.

So stay tuned to our social channels for more information on how you can become one of the pioneers of Riftstorm.

I reckon that’s plenty for an introduction right now. Still curious to know more about us? Join our Discord to hang out with me and the dev team. Ask us questions, share some jokes, be excited 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you for reading this, and see you in the next developer blog!